Energy that enhances the development of your crops

It is a powerful bio-stimulant that contains 18 varieties of L-Amino Acids aimed at promoting crop development by stimulating key physiological functions in plants that require high energy expenditure. FERTILITA AMINO 80% injects natural energy into the crop to quickly overcome stress situations caused by water deficiency, the onset of flowering, or fruit setting.


  • Greater vigor and crop yield.
  • Corrects nutritional deficiencies in plants.
  • Enables plants to quickly overcome stress situations.

Provides essential nutrition and amino acids to support crop development, including growth, flowering, and fruit formation. Fertilita Amino 80% boosts crop resilience during water deficiency and high-temperature stress.

Seaweed extract

100% natural extract derived from a perfect combination of three species of Brown Algae, sourced from the sea which provide significant amounts of polysaccharides, as well as high levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids recommended for use in soils. Algamas is rich in alginate acid and plant hormones for the nutritional system.


  • High content of minerals and amino acids.
  • Complements cellular requirements and addresses plant deficiencies.
  • Promotes fruit quality, prevents flower abortion, and enhances root
  • development when applied to the soil.

Versatile blend of hormones, minerals, and organic matter that promotes root growth, improves crop quality, and increases fruit sugar content. ALGAMAS, a 3-algae combination, enhances disease resistance, stress tolerance, and water solubility for easy application.

Organic biostimulant for natural hormonal balance

Made from sargassum seaweed, the queen of seaweeds. Alga600 contains 3 patented ingredients: Algene, Minecal, and Kelmost, which guarantee its quality and excellent results in all crops.


  • Enables achieving fruit uniformity and larger size
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • Rapid recovery from stress
  • Quick action and nutrient assimilation.

Alga 600. A powerful 100% organic hormone balance biostimulant based on Sargassum Sp. Which acts on favoring root development, stimulating flowering, avoiding fruit drops, and boosting fruit growth. 100% organic

Fertilizer made from seaweed extract

Algasoil establishes a favorable environment for the development of beneficial microorganisms. It promotes root development through the complementary action of the components in the algae extract. This enhances root growth in a balanced and stronger manner, enabling plants to withstand stressful conditions in different soil types.


  • Improves soil quality.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption.
  • Stimulates plant growth.

Is a fertilizer made from seaweed extract and recommended for use in all types of crops. ALGASOIL enhances cation exchange capacity and nutrient retention.